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Diet analysis, nutritional counselling and tailor made meal plan

proact2webIndividual consultations are the best way to learn about your personal nutrition needs. Once the appointment has been made we will send you out a health questionnaire and 5-7 day food diary.

We will then schedule an appointment for three days after we receive the paperwork to speak about your specific goals. Your food diary will be analysed using a Professional Nutritional Software.

Deborah will then produce an output which will display your average consumption of each macro and micro nutrient. This detailed report will show exactly which nutrients you are deficient in or, alternatively, over consuming.

From this result, Deborah will compile a specifically tailored bespoke diet plan for 7 days that will be easy and attainable to follow. You will receive a maintenance food plan with a variety of meal plan options for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks.

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