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services, proactive nutrition, sligo, nutritionist Here at Proactive Nutrition, all of our programmes are science based and our interventions achieve great results in a healthy and effective way. Proactive Nutrition doesn’t promote fad diets or deprive the body of essential nutrients; instead we take a balanced approach which is maintainable and realistic. With these programmes you will feel revitalised, energised and motivated.

We offers bespoke sports nutrition programmes for individuals as well as informative nutrition talks to teams on how to enhance performance and endurance, increase muscle mass, maximise strength, balance energy levels and improve long term health.

We also provide a variety of food intolerance testing. If you suffer from sinus problems, IBS, digestive issues, migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, skin problems, eczema, infertility or respiratory problems like asthma you could have a food intolerance.

Our Services Include: 

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