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Partnering with The Warriors Run

Warriors Run Sligo NutritionThe Warriors Run is known nationally as one of Ireland’s toughest competitive races. It sees 800 adults race from the Canon in Strandhill, County Sligo, up Knocknarea mountain, around Queen Maeve’s grave and back to the beach again where the crowd excitedly await at the finish line. To some, this may sound like a piece of cake but this is no ordinary 15km run. This race is a severe test of fitness, endurance and strength of mind. It is the combination of road and hill terrane that  makes it so challenging. It includes 9 km of road and the 6 km of hill climb through fields on an uneven surface to the summit of the mountain. Even the most seasoned athletes find it a challenge.

This year the Warriors Festival has reached its 30th year! What and achievement for this festival. Every year sees a greater demand for places in the race. Athletes travel from all over Ireland and indeed the world to take part in this unique race.

As a local, my memories of the warriors run are fond ones. I remember as a child taking part in the fun runs, as a teenager going to the funfairs and as an adult cheering on my friends and family participating and indeed training for the race itself. The Warriors Festival brings everyone in the community together and on this  day every year the atmosphere in the village is truely electric. The huge sense of community in Strandhill cant be denied.

This year, I am so pleased to be directly involved with the warriors run. If you are  training for the race my top nutrition tips for running the Warriors Run can be found on their website here:





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