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Race day Nutrition – The Warriors Run

warriorsThe day is nearly here. All the training has been done and by now you should be resting up for the big race itself!! Preparation for the Warriors Run should begin well in advance of Saturday. In fact preparation actually begins in the days before. Nutrition, hydration & good sleep the night before are key factors to ensuring you will have a good performance on the big day!

In these days before the race eat healthily (you do not need to carbo load). The night before eat an easily digestible meal. This should contain carbohydrates such as pasta but there is no need to eat to a point that is uncomfortable. Try to get a good nights sleep the night before. If you are tired you will not be at your optimum.

Here are my top tips for Race day:

  • Drink little and often.  You don’t want to be paying constant visits to the toilet but you do need to ensure you are hydrated for the start of the Run.  Check out my previous post on hydration.
  • Breakfast should be simple and food that you are used to.  Porridge, whole-wheat toast and cerals are all good sources of slow-releasing energy.
  • Try to have another easily digestible snacks at around 12pm so you are hyper fueled for your run. Stick to your pre-practiced eating plan from training days.
  • Make sure you have a snack ready for straight after the run – energy bars, cereal bars or fruit will replenish those energy levels.Keep drinking after you have finished.  Your recovery will be much more effective.
  •  Take care not to over hydrate.  This can lead to a condition called ‘hyponatraemia’, the effect which can be fatal.
  • After the run a carbohydrate rich snack with some protein is ideal within 30 minutes of finishing.  A follow up meal containing protein and carbohydrate should be eaten within 2-4 hours of finishing the event.


The Warriors Run is such a huge test of fitness, performance, strength of mind and body and endurance.

Enjoy it and Good luck Everyone!!

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