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Hydrating for the Warriors Run

Hydrating for your run is a key factor to ensure you will have a good performance. Poor hydration status may indeed be the difference to a good or bad run on the day of  the Warrior’s Run. When we exercise we sweat, so we lose water, electrolytes and carbohydrates, which is the main energy that our body uses. So it is important to drink the fluids that will replace the water, electrolytes and energy.                                                                                                                                                                                            .

Determining the best hydration plan for you is important. Each individual will have different fluid requirements. Educating yourself is what will allow you to find the proper hydration balance for you.

hydration habits 460 Before Exercise: When hydrating prior to exercise you should drink 5-7 mls per kilogram of body weight at least four hours before. For an 80kg athlete this is between 400-560mls or approx half a litre.

During Exercise: Each athlete needs their own pre-planned routine that suits his/ her requirements. Stick to what you have practiced during a normal training day routine. The aim of drinking is to avoid dehydration. A suitable starting point is about 150mls to 250mls every 15-20 minutes. Note the weather conditions on the day, and keep in mind that you may need to adjust your consumption if the conditions are different.

After Exercise: 1.5 litres of fluid for every kilo of body weight lost in sweat. Isotonic and hypertonic drinks are good for after the race. Drinks and snacks that contain sodium and carbohydrates will help speed up the recovery process by stimulating thirst and fluid retention, as well as replacing gylcogen stores that have been used during exercise.

Make your own isotonic drinksports drink

Isotonic sports drinks contain a small amount or carbohydrates (6-8%) and sodium. They are easily absorbed and designed to be drunk both before and during exercise. Isotonic drinks replace fluids lost through sweating and supplies a boost of carbohydrate.

These pricey drinks are so easy to make at home. All you need is:

200 mls of orange squash,

800 mls of water,

Pinch of salt

So easy to make, you eliminate all the additives and you will save yourself a few bob too!

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